Being bold with brick slips

It’s an undoubted fact that brick has proved its longevity as a traditional construction material.

However, the weight of brick on a building’s frame, the shelf angles and additional supporting structure required add to the overall mass, time and cost implications of any project.

To bring brick back as a versatile, cost-effective and modern choice, Aliva UK has created an innovative range of clay and lightweight brick slips.

From traditional earthen tones to steely greys and cracked, colourful glazes, our brick slips have sparked a well-deserved revival of the stalwart brick across the UK and Europe.

Three product ranges

Our three brick slip ranges allow architects to be bold in brick and use this most traditional of materials in a modern way.

Clay brick slips

Comprising slips made to the traditional sizes of UK and European bricks, this range comes in numerous colours, textures and finishes. From smooth to sand-faced and bark finishes, the range’s variety allows architects to design buildings with a traditional appearance, while benefitting from the speed, cost and thermal benefits insulated clay slip systems provide.

We offer a standard range of slips manufactured as a 14mm slip or can create bespoke slips to match existing traditionally laid brickwork walls.

The system, when used over a mineral wool insulation, has A2-s1,d0 fire classification in accordance with BS EN 13501-1:2007 and can therefore be used with no height or boundary restrictions.

Lightweight brick slips

As well a traditional slip range we have developed a lightweight slip system with the aesthetics of traditional brickwork.

We can offer a standard range, however should the client wish to match a traditional brick, colour or finish, then this can be undertaken.

As per the traditional brick slip range, our lightweight slips system (when used over a mineral wool insulation) has A2-s1,d0 fire classification in accordance with BS EN 13501-1:2007 and can be used with no height or boundary restrictions.

Listello slips

This is where traditional methods meet modern art. With clay Listello slips we can match glaze to any RAL, NCS, Pantone or colour scan as well as creating bespoke designs.
Listello slips are offered in a standard size range, however we can develop size variation should the design or architect require it.

Aliva UK brick slip ranges solve the problems associated with costly, slow and bulky traditional brick work construction. Our brick slip systems benefit from construction speed, reduced site storage, enhanced thermal and fire properties, whilst providing a finish to match or enhance a traditional brick wall. With our expert the technical advice and support as part of the package, towns and cities across the UK are coming alive with brick once more.