Aliva’s Metropolis range of highly decorative resins gives an extraordinarily fine finish to walls and floors. They work for any interior project, offering textured, veined, multi-chromatic, shiny, pearlescent, transparent, polished and matt surfaces that exude substance, style and sophistication. Our resins are also entirely water-based and sustainable, helping to safeguard the environment.

Metropolis Resin
Metropolis Resin
Metropolis Resin

Metroresin is a cutting-edge range of polyurethane, self-levelling epoxy and dense cement-based resins. Water-based and non-yellowing, they are resistant to abrasion and chemicals and makes a striking addition to floors and walls, with a colour prism that enables us to match any shade.

Metropox is a solvent-free self-levelling, water-based epoxy resin that gives inspirational options for flooring in a huge range of colours. It is particularly suitable for floors in heavy-use areas like show-rooms, shops, apartments, and offices, offering a washable, continuous, solid or multi-colour finish.


Metrostone is a thick, cement-based coating for both floors and walls.  Finished with a water-based polyurethane resin, it is ideal for both walls and flooring in designer-led environments where individuality can shine.

Here are some of our product highlights

Metrostone PittedMetrostone Pitted Effect
Metropox View SpecialMetropox View Special

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