James OrmerodBath
Name James Ormerod
Job Title Aliva UK MD
Time with Aliva Established GruppoIVAS UK
Overall sector experience 17 years
Qualifications Sales and Marketing BA Hons, MA, DipM, FIDM, FCIM
Favourite Aliva project Bath University, featuring Grescovering terracotta, is the largest terracotta project we’ve undertaken to date. A completely bespoke colour choice for the architect, who wanted black/grey urban tones for this stylish university accommodation complex matched to three specific pantone colours. A tailor made colour match and scale of product at over 5,000 square meters.
Tiffany Ejilogo-Woodwardvita student
Name Tiffany Ejilogo-Woodward
Job Title Sales Manager
Role To generate specifications sales with architects, and develop relationships with sub-contractors and main contractors.
Time with Aliva April 2018
Overall sector experience 2 ½ years
Favourite Aliva project Vita Student Accommodation, Newcastle. An innovative use of lightweight Aliva Air buff sandstone panels that allow the building to fit into its prestigious location, yet retain its own modern identity. Aliva also sourced the stone from the same quarry that the local Victorian buildings are built from; a good example of how we go the extra mile for our clients here at Aliva.
Ben Edmondsonec-thumb
Name Ben Edmondson
Job Title Technical Consultant
Role External Wall Insulation and Render only systems.
Time with Aliva 4 years
Overall sector experience 18 years
Qualifications Degree in Architectural Technology
Favourite Aliva project Achieving a magnificent seven British Board of Agrement certifications for Aliva’s range of insulated render systems. The certifications confirm the capability and use of Aliva’s products across various market sectors and building types from high-end hotels, to affordable housing schemes and schools.


Italian Team

Luca MeloniUxbridge
Name Luca Meloni
Job Title Architectural Technician
Time with Aliva 3 years
Overall sector experience 8 years
Qualifications BA degree in Architecture
Favourite Aliva project Uxbridge College, Hayes, London. The alucovering aluminium rainscreen cladding in three different shades of grey plus a mirrored finish creates a stunning dark and light metal effect for this school complex. This gives the façade a stylish and modern personality, which is typical of this kind of cladding.
Name Federica Bartolini
Job Title Civil Engineer
Role Design Department
Time with Aliva 7 years
Overall sector experience 7 years
Qualifications Calculations and design
Favourite Aliva project The stunningly stylish Prada Stores in Las Vegas and Sydney, a completely black façade with subtle diamond pattern, incorporating bright circular openings. Aliva managed the design concept, production information and structural design, detailed survey of the building to be clad, assisted with the building specifications, manufacture of components and panel assembly.
Name Ruggiero De Giorgio
Job Title Engineer
Role Technical Director
Time with Aliva 21 years
Overall sector experience 21 years
Qualifications Structural calculations, design and project management
Favourite Aliva project The Façade Theatre Scala of Milan. For the renovation and expansion of the theatre, we provided the external cladding for two new additional structures designed by architect Mario Botta, the fly tower (with a ventilated façade cladding) and an elliptical structure (with a sun screen cladding).
LuigiNYC Subway
Name Luigi Garattoni
Job Title International Sales Director
Role International sales negotiation and liaison
Time with Aliva 24 years
Overall sector experience 24 years
Favourite Aliva project Second Avenue subway line project, New York. Aliva is currently designing and supplying the internal and external wall systems, made of porcelain gres, for the first four stations of this exciting project, which involves the construction of 15 new subway stations in Manhattan. I love the challenge of this job, it is one of the most difficult in terms of design performances to achieve, legal requirement to meet and management relations to keep in order to succeed.
MonicaAliva UK
Name Monica Pagliarani
Job Title Engineer
Role Design Manager
Time with Aliva 13 years
Overall sector experience 13 years
Qualifications Structural calculations, design and project management
Favourite Aliva project Queen Mary University, London, our invisible glass system with a complex screen printed pattern inspired by Sir Roger Penrose’s mathematical model. It has a strong visual impact, using the Ali glass concealed fixing system. The façade consists of laminated diamond shaped glass, a standout finish for a London learning environment.
Luca SimonettiBloc Hotel
Name Luca Simonetti
Job Title Engineer
Role Export Manager Gruppo Ivas
Time with Aliva 14 years
Overall sector experience 14 years
Qualifications Instructor at the Master G school (Gruppo Ivas ETICS application school)
Favourite Aliva project Bloc Hotel Gatwick Airport featuring black insulated render. A key element of Aliva’s insulated render is our cold pigment finishes, which allow darker colours to reflect heat rather than absorb it, so that larger areas can be covered.
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